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X-Justice is a multi-profile platform based on a range of services.
Just 3      

Don't you find it funny when "top IT professionals", who have been working for TOP IT companies like Google, Amazon, Alibaba, or Microsoft, wage their Bounty and AirDrop campaigns using Google Docs? They keep the personal data of all participants in the public domain and do not protect them in any way.

To solve this problem, we have developed a WEB 3.0 social activity platform for conducting Bounty and AirDrop campaigns, within which we also plan to place partner commercial campaigns.

Bounty platform
Developers have a question: how do we raise funds for the development of the project?
Investors have a question: where to invest in startups with a guarantee of protection against fraud?
We have one answer - the Just Launch IDO platform.
IDO Platform
“Blockchain PvP games with model Play to Earn” - I hope you managed to pronounce it the first time, but in the future let's replace this set of beautiful epithets with 2 words - Just Game.

For a simplified implementation of WEB 3.0, we have integrated both DEX and CEX exchanges into one service, which promotes seamless interoperability between fiat and decentralized funds. The main mission of this service is to facilitate a comfortable transition of ordinary users to the world of WEB 3.0.

Trade hard or go home
Successful examples of social networks after the pioneers can be counted on the fingers, but what if we make not just a social network, but add gaming functionality to it? The ability to challenge any user of the platform and make public bets? What about the many ways to monetize your profile and created content? Opportunities to become an opinion leader and make money on it? Communication, cooperation, confrontation, new experience, bringing together lovers of bright emotions in one place, all this is Just network.
Challenge anyone

Economic model

The XJUST token is at the heart of the platform ecosystem and is the main means of payment.
The circulation of the token is concentrated in all services of the X-Justice platform, which guarantees liquidity and a stable demand for tokens from the participants.
The ecosystem of the X-Justice platform provides for the use of the token in absolutely all areas of the platform.
Receiving a reward for tokens holding
Just 3
Placement of commercial Bounty and AirDrop campaigns
The token is the primary currency for betting
Other services
Access to paid functions of the platform
Purchase of ads on all services of the platform
Participation in events
Access to private events
Making a bet
Participants have access to the ability to create arbitrary bets
Reduced commissions
Reduction of commissions for platform services
The functionality of the X-Justice platform will constantly expand, thereby increasing the number of options for using the XJUST token.
The economic model of the platform is based on the creation of a natural shortage of supply of tokens on exchanges, due to the constant decrease in free circulation, by burning tokens and withholding commissions for using services.

The number of tokens entering the platform will always exceed the number withdrawn.
The primary purpose of burning XJUST tokens is to create a supply shortage by reducing the free circulation of tokens on the market.
Unused assets in the reserve fund at the end of the 4th quarter will be used to buy back XJUST tokens with subsequent burning.
Tokens are to be burned
stage-by-stage until
all USDC-unsecured XJUST tokens have been destroyed.
Four quarters after the launch of the platform, 15% of the income will be directed to the redemption of XJUST tokens with subsequent burning.
The main goal of the dividend system is to create additional liquidity for tokens and reward holders for their trust in the project.
The key feature of the X-Justice dividend program is making payments out of profits, which excludes circulating unsecured tokens.

Payment of dividends is effected in all currencies applied on the X-Justice platform for gaining income (USDC, SOL, XJUST).

The amount of dividends depends on the proportion of the individual share of XJUST tokens held on the balance to the total number of tokens. Accruals are made on the platform balance monthly.
The main goal is to maintain the holders' loyalty and avoid negative fluctuations in price during the platform ecosystem development.
The Reserve fund has an essential impact on the token rate and symbolizes an airbag for the investors.
In the personal account of each investor, there will be an opportunity to return the XJUST token for 92% of the price of the tokens on the Tokensale.
of funds raised on tokensale
of income for the first 4 quarters of functioning of the platform
  • Just 3
    Placement of partners in X-Bounty;

    Placing banners on X-Justice services and partner resources;

    Use of X-Advert and X-Affiliate Tools by Advertisers;

    Buying bet promotion inside the X-Justice platform;

    Promotion of any products and services within the platform.
  • Just game
    Commissions on winnings;

    Fixed fee for making a bet.
  • Just exchange
    Transaction commission;
  • Just Network
    Commissions on donations;

    Commission on purchase of a subscription.
Commercial Bounty and Airdrop;

Display advertising on X-Justice services and partner resources;
Commissions on winnings;

Fixed fee for making a bet.
Transaction commission;
Commissions on donations;

Commission on purchase of a subscription.
Distribution of the platform income
Period Dividends (%) Reserve fund (%) Referral program (%) Prize fund (%) Development fund (%) Burning tokens (%) Service profit (%)
Q1-Q4 57 20 22 1 0 0 0
Burning 35 0 22 1 15 20 7
Future 32 0 22 1 15 0 30
The attracted investments are intended solely for the development of the platform. The specific distribution scheme will be chosen depending on the amount of fees.
Platform Development Fund
Development of the X-Justice platform and testing of services. Creation of new products and revision of existing ones. Marketing.
Reserve fund
Each investor has the opportunity to return the XJUST token in his account for 92% of the value of the tokens on Public sale.
Operating expenses
Salary fund and maintenance costs.
Licensing and audits
Platform security audit, testing for hacking. Independent audit of the algorithm transparency. Obtaining licenses.